wxDev-C++ 7.4

wxDEV-C++ is an integrated development environment (IDE) extension for DEV-C++
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wxDEV-C++ is a free, open-source integrated development environment (IDE) extension for DEV-C++. This program was designed to enable users to create frames and dialogs for wxWidgets.
One of the advantages of using this application resides in the fact that it integrates project management, as well as project status options. Furthermore, users are able to search for different elements within a given project, by accessing the “Components” option from the upper-right corner of the main dialog box. The search criteria available are numerous, according to the type of your project.

The program also comes with an integrated debugging option, which offers support for GDB and displays local variables list, to mention just a few of its features. In order to offer better control over your project, the developers included the possibility to add or remove data to or from your current project. These features are located under the “Project” menu. Moreover, it is notable that the application also offers CVS support for your projects.

By using this program, you are able to toggle on bookmarks for your project. Afterward, if you need to return to a certain bookmark, all you have to do is click the “GoTo” option, and select the desired bookmark.

To conclude with, wxDEV-C++ is a useful tool that enables users to organize, control and keep track of changes applied to a certain project in a better way. Moreover, the user interface has a sleek design, providing easy access to whatever part of your project.

Mario Procione
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